Count on us to guide and accompany you in several key domains.

Reenergize teams

Team members need to be effective in their actions if the team is to meet its objectives.
In order to ensure that, leaders have to create the conditions for their teams to develop solidarity and empowerment.
Keys for Change helps managers and their teams to diagnose the progress domains, equips them and involves them in elaborating solutions.

Materialize vision, mission, values

One of the leaders’ objectives is to get staff familiarized with vision, mission and values and to ensure that these live on the floor.
Those values and expected attitudes can only be present if they are:
• Translated in expected daily behaviors
• Reinforced and exemplified by management
• Communicated with the possibility of employees being made receptive and, if so, trained.
Keys for Change has set up workshops to meet these very tangible objectives.

Change Management

In order to manage the human side of change, the organization requires a structured approach, visible and active sponsorship, proven processes and tools, as well as local managers that are motivated and equipped to implement the change.
Keys for Change puts at your disposal a trilingual consultant (FR/NL/EN), duly certified and trained to the PROSCI methodology and the ADKAR® model to help you develop a professional approach and enhance your success chances.

Individual Coaching

How to develop in your role as manager-coach?
How to acquire Best practices as a manager coach?
How to support team members towards autonomy?
How to conduct coaching interviews?
Keys for Change puts certified coaches at your disposal in order to support this process.


How to share and exchange with your peers regarding situations encountered on the floor?
How to explore, via co-coaching and Intervision, new approaches to implement, respecting the resources that each manager can use?

Keys for Change puts specialized coaches at your disposal in order to support this process.


A facilitated session is a highly structured meeting in which the meeting leader (the facilitator) guides the participants through a series of pre-defined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants. Keys for Change can provide you with a certified tri-lingual (NL/FR/EN) facilitator to support you for those meetings (at board level or strategic planning meetings or more operations focused) where you anticipate on a difficult decision process with potential resistance and emotions…


Once upon a time there was … your company or the virtues of storytelling
The art of rejuvenating your corporate communication, as well as your messages in meetings. This can be acquired.
All squirrels love nuts … and all brains love to vibrate when they hear a captivating and coherent story.
Keys for Change puts a certified consultant at your disposal to help you succeed in your communications.